The Sunflower Tattoo: Sunlight on Your Skin

Although most people will often select a tattoo for its visual look, there is a story behind every tattoo. This story is what makes the user get that tattoo so that they can have something to keep in mind that specific thing for eternity.

Sunflower tattoos just like any other tattoo come in different types and styles. The meanings of these tattoos are also as many as the designs if not more.

Understanding the various significances associated with this tattoo will help you choose whether to get one or not.

Sunflowers are a sign of the persons character and those who opt to have a sunflower tattoo over the many other designs available what to reveal their optimism in life.

People with this kind of tattoo are thought to be jovial, bright and versatile. These people believe in living life to the maximum and constantly being as happy as the sunflower.

Individuals with this tattoo are also believed to be down to earth and will remain linked to their roots even if they encounter immense success or wealth.

The sunflower is known to be a sign of constancy, and so it can be used to show things that a person would wish to last for infinity.

Examples of a few of the “up until infinity” that this tattoo can be used to represent consist of; long lasting friendship, consistent commitment, and also remembrance.

Many people will also get this tattoo to remind them of a loved one who died therefore that they can replicate a few of his or her favorable qualities.

When drawn for this purpose, this tattoo will represent an eternal bond in between the user and the individual that the tattoo is supposed to represent. Family and relationship ties are the two most common bonds that sunflowers can represent.

A sunflower tattoo can also be used to show that the person is waiting on the return of a loved one.

This meaning is drawn from the Greek lore of Clytia and Helios, the god of the Sun. Inning accordance with the story, the two were separated by some demanding situations in life therefore Clytia was always taking a look at the sun waiting for her love to go back to her.

She was then changed into a sunflower so that she might continue staring at the sun for eternity.

In some cultures, the sunflower tattoo can be used to show the praise of the sun god. In Aztec and Native American cultures, the sun god is represented by the picture of the sunflower.

Having this image inked on you might be use to imply that you trust the sun god, or you worship him.

Other significances that are related to this type of tattoo include faith, focus, vitality, healing, best of luck and nutrition. Nevertheless, just like any other tattoo the sunflower can indicate anything that you want it to state.

The very best Colors for Sunflower Tattoos

Color matters a lot in any tattoo that involves flowers and no matter how excellent the style might be if you fail with the color option your tattoo may end up looking awkward.

Contrary to what most people may think there are many color options to choose from for your sunflower symbol. Nevertheless, the following are the most popular ones and maybe also the most appealing ones.

· Yellow: Yellow is the actual color of the sunflower and so selecting it will make the tattoo more sensible. However, there are different tones of yellow, and so you need to be eager with what you pick. The majority of tattoo artists understand colors well, and so they must have the ability to get the best sunflower yellow for you.

· Pink: The Pink sunflower is a sign of femininity. Although you will most likely not discover one in nature, some women would prefer to have their sunflower inked in pink instead of the typical yellow. Besides from the symbolic significance that can be offered to a pink sunflower it is also distinct.

· Black: Black works well for this tattoo particularly for those who do not like a very vibrant tattoo. A black sunflower would be more perfect for males as it is not as womanly as the other colorful sunflower tattoos.

· White Ink: Some people frequently refer to this type of tattoos as colorless due to their appearance however exactly what gives them their colorless look is the white ink that they

are drawn in. Besides from looking trendier white ink is also thought about to be a more aesthetically appealing tattoo color.

Sunflower Tattoo Sizes

Due to the style of the sunflower and the look of this image you can have it tattooed in practically any size that you wish.

The only limitations to the size of the tattoo are positioning location, kinds of sunflower tattoos and perhaps the imagination of your tattoo artist. Typically there are 3 different sizes that you can choose from.

The sizes are:

· Small Sized Sunflower Tattoos: These are usually simple designed sunflowers and are mainly put on the wrist, ankle, behind the ear or in other little location in the body. For this small tattoo to look their finest a smart idea would be to choose a single flower instead of a lot or cluster of sunflowers. These tattoos can be as small as an inch.

· Medium Sized Sunflower Tattoos: The medium sized are far much bigger than the little tattoo but they are also not massive in size, therefore they can not be referred to as big tattoos. These are the sort of tattoos that are mostly made use of the upper arm or the legs.

· Large/ Huge Sunflower Tattoos: If you enjoy sunflower tattoos then this size of tattoos are the best way to reveal this. The big tattoo can be entire body tattoos, chest

tattoos or back tattoos.

Here you will be not limited to the type of sunflower that you can draw. You can have one huge sunflower, or you can have a bunch of sunflowers made use of your back.

With these huge sized tattoos, you might be required to combine the sunflower with other images for the tattoo to look gorgeous.

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